James Rushford & Joe Talia

James Rushford & Joe Talia are a Melbourne-based duo active since 2008. Performing with viola, piano, synthesizer, tape machine, drums and percussion, the duo creates ecstatic and confronting environments that play with the very limits of instrumental, recording and performative capabilities. At times static, at times fragmented, their work fluidly leaps and lingers between the cracks of classical spectralism, avant-garde improvisation and musique concrète. 



Manhunter - Kye 2013

Paper Fault Line - Bocian 2011

Palisades - Sabbatical 2009




“Who could ask for more? This is very stark ... excellent use of the primitive studio to enhance the music. The pacing is superb as well. You can not go wrong. Long after Witchcore and Hopewave have exhausted themselves, individual music like this will live on.” – Scott Foust review of Manhunter, 2013

The production is absolutely amazing ... even though it's all a bit of a challenging listen. There's no wall noise or horrid frequencies here, it's quite a playful record that utilises silence and space at interludes to dramatic effect.” – Norman Records review of Paper Fault Line, 2011 

The music below sounds like it has been made with sine waves, but I guess it isn't. Highly refined music this is. No doubt created through improvisation, but then I guess this is not their first result in doing so. I think after hefty experimentation they came to these results. An excellent release at that. Great music at work here.” – Vital Weekly review of Palisades, 2009